Paul Fallisi, FSA, MAAA

President and Chief Executive Officer Hi. My name is Paul and I like to think of myself as a creative actuary, whose job is find innovative solutions to healthcare problems. I’m also one of those rare mathematicians who derives great joy working with both numbers and people. I don’t like to shuffle paper. Rather, I like to make things happen. At Windsor I have the privilege of being part of a select team of professionals making things happen for our clients. You can count on me to delve deeply into the numbers to discover meaningful patterns and solutions to your most challenging problems. You can also count on me to bring humor and fun to any discussion of “the numbers.” I will make your business my business. 

David Wilson, FSA, FCIA, MAAA

Founder Hi. I’m Dave Wilson. My vision with Windsor has been to provide an environment where intelligent and creative people love to collaborate on challenging projects. Since our founding in 2004, we have been selective in the people we bring on to our team – we seek individuals who work well together and who share our passion to help our clients grow their businesses. One of my greatest joys is that so many of our clients have become close personal friends who also view us as key partners in their businesses. Jim046b

W. James Tillett

Chairman & COO Hello. Please call me Jim. One of the best decisions I ever made was to come out of retirement when Dave Wilson asked me to join this incredible team and the exciting company we are building. My lifetime mantra has been to leave a positive mark on the people and organizations that I come in contact with. I get my biggest rewards by helping individuals and companies realize their full potential. I get excited when I’m surrounded by people who dare to dream “big” and then make big things happen. And I am grateful to have been involved with the creation of many successful companies. You can count on me to be a loyal friend and business partner through good times and bad. 

Todd Owen

CEO, Claros Analytics Cheers. I’m Todd Owen and I am pleased to serve as a board member of Windsor Strategy Partners and as CEO of Claros Analytics. I’m very excited about our ability to provide innovative actuarial software applications that deliver significant competitive advantages to our clients. With our market-leading tools they can better serve their customers by more accurately evaluating, pricing, and positioning their health plans. The synergies between Windsor Strategy Partners and Claros are important to our firms and even more valuable to our clients. I really enjoy developing solutions that help our partners achieve greater success. You can count on me to bring all our resources to bear to maximize your potential.


William F. Megna

Corporate Counsel Hello. Please call me Bill. As a partner of Genova Burns I bring over 30 years of expertise spanning the entire spectrum of insurance and financial products and services. I get excited by the many opportunities I have at Windsor to collaborate with such an innovative and creative team. Not a month goes by when we are not asked to take on challenging new assignments. These projects range from creating new products and services to the licensing of innovative risk-taking entities. I am proud to have been part of the development team that has been able to design financially sound and innovative Self-Funded solutions for the industry. You can count on me to Think Outside of the Box!

Patsy S. Campola

Director, Business Development Hi. My true Italian name is Patsy Campola, short for Pascual, but most of my friends just call me Pat. My role at Windsor involves working with clients who self-insure their employee benefit plans and also with their advisors and the insurance carriers that provide stop-loss for those plans. During the last 35 years I have had the privilege of meeting virtually every person and organization involved in this industry. I really enjoy meeting and working closely with others on interesting projects. I cherish the many friends I have made with people I have been able to help over the years. You can bank on my commitment to do whatever it takes to help you and your organization succeed. I am not afraid to challenge long-held assumptions or to encourage the path less traveled. You can count on me to Listen thoughtfully and to “Tell it Like it Is.” You can also count on me to bring a sense of humor to any meeting. Tim029b

Timothy K. Robinson, FSA, MAAA

Principal & Chief Actuary Hello. My name is Tim Robinson and I have been a healthcare actuary for over 30 years. As Windsor’s Chief Actuary I have the pleasure of collaborating with an extraordinarily talented and creative team. Every day brings us new challenges with our diverse group of clients representing every sector of the healthcare industry. Often our work entails sifting through huge amounts of data to analyze a health plan’s historical experience. We are motivated by the opportunity to uncover emerging trends or early warning signs that help us save a client money and improve their business results. I also enjoy working on high-risk projects such as helping clients design or launch new products and services, where a lack of historical data must be supplemented with creative new approaches. Among my earliest projects at Windsor was the creation of a proprietary internal rating manual for evaluating and pricing healthcare plans. One of my proudest achievements was managing the upgrade of this model and making it available for purchase and use by external clients. Today this leading-edge healthcare pricing manual, Actuarial Advisor, is the foundation for the software company I helped to found, Claros Analytics, LLC. Gary223b

Gary Miller, ASA, MAAA

Principal & Senior Actuary Hello. My name is Gary Miller and I am a senior actuary with Windsor and one of the founders of Claros Analytics. I have been given several nicknames here. I am known as “The Professor” because I enjoy teaching and helping others navigate and solve complex mathematical problems. The creative and entrepreneurial culture at Windsor provides me with extensive opportunities to apply my passion for problem-solving in new and innovative ways. One of my proudest achievements has been to create powerful software applications for industry professionals who are not actuaries. Another one of my nicknames is “The Tinker.” You can count on me to keep tinkering with our software in my quest for solutions to the most complex actuarial problems faced by our clients. John Marshall employee photo

John Marshall, FSA, MAAA, EA

Principal & Consulting Actuary Hi. I’m John. I have been an actuary for over 40 years and have worked at Windsor since 2010. My actuarial history encompasses both the pension and health care arenas. I am proud to be associated with the professional team we have put together at Windsor. Our work involves developing creative solutions to many new and old problems such as addressing the emergence of Association Health Plans (MEWA’s), containing costs related with the rise of specialty drugs, providing ACA compliance and working with state regulators. We work with a wide array of clients including brokers, employers, insurers, MEWA’s and other pooled risk arrangements. We have developed actuarial models for our clients. These include Monte Carlo simulation applications that generate thousands of years of simulated projections which produce sophisticated statistical results from which important decisions are made. We look forward to the opportunity to working with you and your company when the actuarial need arises. David098b

David Miller, FSA, MAAA

Senior Actuary Hi. My name is David Miller. I have nearly 10 years of actuarial and health care experience, and I am proud to be able to leverage that expertise as a member of WSP. I work closely with members of the WSP team on a diverse range of projects. Some personal favorites include Monte Carlo simulations, IBNR reserve calculations, feasibility studies, stop loss pricing, large claim analysis, trend analysis, RBP…the list goes on. I am looking forward to the variety of challenging projects that require “out-of-the-box” thinking still to come. You can count on me to “Always be Thinking.”

Nikita Chaudhry, FSA

Senior Actuary. Hi! My name is Nikita Chaudhry and I am a Senior Actuary at WSP. I have 15 years of experience, working for both consulting firms and large insurance companies, and have a wide-ranging perspective on the trends, opportunities and threats impacting our fast-moving industry. My favorite part of working at Windsor is consulting with our clients to understand their own book of business so they can make sound decisions and drive their business forward.     


Susan McGrath Bowman

Principal & Director Actuarial Analytics Hi. My name is Susan but please call me Sue. I was thrilled to join the Windsor team of professionals that I have known and admired for many years. Windsor is involved in some of the most challenging projects and assignments in the healthcare industry, which feeds my passion for learning and grappling with unique issues and problems. I get excited about delving into data to discover new healthcare trends. I’m proud of my ability to understand the potential impact of these trends on my clients and their employees. I enjoy developing reports and tools that provide meaningful information to help my clients improve the quality and cost of their health plans. You can count on me to understand the magnitude and complexity of your projects and to develop solutions that work best for you. Craig064b

Craig Neumon

Data Scientist Hi. My name is Craig and I manage Windsor’s extensive data base. I also support our actuarial team and our clients with data analysis and modeling. At Windsor I am always working on new and challenging projects which give me the chance to learn new skills and the opportunity to apply them. I really enjoy designing and programming models that make our team more efficient and help us quickly analyze data and get meaningful answers and solutions for our clients. One of my proudest achievements was developing a complex risk scoring and profitability model that enabled a large client to successfully confront some very challenging decisions for preserving their business. You can count on me to “Keep grinding until I figure it out.” 

Margaret Conroy, FCAS, MAAA

Chief Actuary P&C, Director Captive Market Development Hi Im Margaret and my expertise lies within the Property & Casualty division at Windsor Strategy Partners. I can be found working with property and casualty clients on liability estimates for self-insured clients or those with high deductibles or self-insured retentions, captive formation, product development, pricing, reserving and other liability estimation projects as well as working on litigation support. Ted012b

Edward Wilson

Underwriting Analyst Hi. My name is Edward Wilson but please call me Ted. Since I was a child, I have always cherished being part of a team where everyone is committed to a common goal. As an underwriting analyst at WSP I am most excited to be learning new ways to help the company. Whether underwriting health care plans, creating spreadsheets or designing new products, my days are focused on making life easier for our team and especially the client. At work, I really enjoy finding solutions for complex problems. I am most proud of a new product I created, which helps insurance brokers and consultants better serve their clients. At home, I enjoy spending quality time with my young family. And, you can count of me to help on any and all projects. Jo-Ann photo

Jo-Ann Glattfelder

Business Manager Hi. My name is Jo-Ann – sorry about the hyphen which gives people a lot of trouble. I make up for it by enthusiastically managing many of the functions that keep our office running smoothly such as supporting the consulting staff, managing client engagements, accounting, Human Resources, billings, and helping our team meet their commitments to you. I will often be the first person you talk to when you call our office and you can be certain that I will have a smile on my face and be ready to help you in any way I can. I love being part of this team. They are such a great group of people. I admire them for their brains, their creativity, and for being so much fun to work with. One of my proudest achievements was the planning and creating of our new office environment which not only looks great but also facilitates easy collaboration among all the members of our team. You can count on me to follow through on whatever project I take on. My clients are my coworkers and I’m here to support them in whatever they need to meet their commitments. 

Dominick Gasparro, ASA, MAAA

Actuarial Analyst.  Hi! I’m Dominick Gasparro. I am one of the newest members of the Windsor team joining in September 2020. My role is to help the senior actuaries gather data in order to help with clients’ plan designs. As a former college baseball outfielder, I used to track down fly balls. Now I track down data to help our clients. I am also enrolled in Windsor’s actuarial student program pursuing the FSA designation.