Windsor Strategy Partners, Inc.

Strategic Planning Services

Strategic Planning Services

Strategic Planning

  • Participate in or facilitate the planning process
  • Competitor and environmental analysis
  • Analysis of organizations strengths and waeknesses
  • Design and implementation of survey instruments to support the planning process
  • Analysis amd evaluation of strategic plans

Business Plan Development

  • Development of business plans for insurance entities
  • Pro forma development

Due Dilligence

  • Evaluation of products in or supporting the insurance space
  • Evaluation of underwriting organizations for acquisition or reinsurance transactions
  • Healthcare liability evaluations and reserve calculations review
  • Property/Casualty liability evaluations and reserve calculations review

Risk Management Strategy Development

  • Review and analysis of internal and external risks
  • Development of strategies to manage those risks

Retrospective Value Analysis

  •  Plausible scenario construction for “The Path Not Taken”
  • Retrospective control group simulation
  • Evaluation of the impact of previously implemented strategies


  • Strategic introductions
  • Development of partnering strategies

Underwriting Review

  • Review and evaluation of underwriting organizations for possible acquisitions or for reinsurance transaction due diligence