Windsor Strategy Partners, Inc.

Ratemaking & Insurance Planning Services

Ratemaking & Insurance Planning Services

WSP can provide the following expert services.

Rate Level Reviews

  • Provide overall rate-level indications
  • Distribute changes to class, coverage, territory or other rating variable
  • Incorporate industry and non-insurance data to reflect the realities of the marketplace
  • Trends, Loss Development
  •  Catastrophe loads
  • Model Demand for products for better decisions on pricing
  •  Provide custom rate pages

Insurance Business Planning

  • Provide product design advice and assistance
  • Competitive analysis
  • Retention and demand models
  • Research and design of new rating variables

Enterprise Risk Management

  • Provide assistance documenting risk management efforts
  • Model scenarios, from simple to complex
  • Training and education

New Markets

  • Assistance with expansion plans into new lines and/or new states

Special Projects