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Our Actuaries Have Seen It All . . .

Product Development

For over 30 years our actuaries and executives have been helping companies successfully enter the healthcare business, design creative new products and position their programs for success.


Decades of actuarial experience, backed by huge reserves of industry data, and leading-edge pricing tools are invaluable aides to help you proactively design and price your portfolios profitably rather than having to scramble to react to past results.

Program Evaluation

You can count on our team for a thorough analysis of your portfolio results, identify opportunities for increasing profitability. Windsor is regularly engaged to perform due diligence related to acquisitions or to help turnaround problem portfolios.

Portfolio Risk Managment

Our experts are here to help you to proactively manage your portfolio risk. Our clients view us as strategic partners critical to the success of their enterprise. Our engagements cover a wide range of projects from facilitating Executive planning meetings to designing the ideal risk retention strategy.