- Portfolio Risk Management

Our experts are here to help you proactively manage your portfolio risk. Clients view us as strategic partners critical to the success of their enterprise. Our engagements cover a wide range of projects from facilitating Executive planning meetings to designing the ideal risk retention strategy.

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Our Actuaries Have Seen It All . . .

You can count on Windsor for expert guidance such as:

  • Enterprise Planning

    • Market analysis & feasibility evaluations
    • Target entry & expansion strategies
    • Identify unique & attractive market niches

  • Develop Tailored Risk Retention Strategies

    • Determine Company’s capital & risk tolerance requirements
    • Consider tradeoff between maximizing profit vs. smoothing earnings stream
    • Assist in creation and management of captive insurance facility

  • Underwriting

    • Help establish underwriting policy & guidelines
    • Conduct periodic Peer reviews
    • Training in the “art” and science of underwriting

  • Selecting “Best of Class” Service Partners

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