Windsor Strategy Partners, Inc.

Actuarial Services for Brokers Property/Casualty Lines of Business

Actuarial Services for Brokers Property/Casualty Lines of Business

  • Are you competing against brokers with in-house actuaries on your largest accounts?
  • Would having your own independent actuarial analysis help your client and the insurer come to a speedier and more mutually pleasing agreement?
  •  Do your excess clients need assistance setting reserves for their self-insured retention (SIR)?
  • Would you like to propose higher retentions, but the clients don’t know whether they are ready to accept such a level of risk without estimated losses?
  • Would your clients like some quantitative suggestions on how various reinsurance plans, will affect the pricing of the plan before going to the insurers to get premiums?

Windsor Strategy Partners helps our property/casualty clients succeed, by integrating innovation and growth strategies into their businesses. We seek long-term collaborative relationships as our clients grow and prosper.

Cost-Effective Services to Your Clients

In addition to providing solid insurance advice, some examples of our services include:

  • Insurance plan pricing – We have experience working with many data types in multiple lines of business at various layers of insurance
  • Self-insured valuations – We have experience quantifying potential risk for various sizes of retention in multiple lines of business. We have worked with data from multiple Third Party Administrators and are familiar in how to deal with data even if the client has switched TPAs from year to year.
  • Enterprise risk management – We can help your clients analyze their overall risk including insured risk and other risks
  • Reinsurance Arrangements Analysis – We can analyze various reinsurance plans for your client including loss costs and potential premiums at various layers. We can use deterministic or stochastic methods depending on the clients’ needs.
  • Special projects - We have a wide range of experience in property/casualty insurance and can help make your client happy by accepting referrals from you.

WSP provides support for these lines of business:

  • Liability
  • Property
  • Workers Compensation
  • Marine
  • Farm
  • Personal lines
  • Professional Liability