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Asbestos Litigation & Valuation Services

Asbestos Litigation & Valuation Services

WSP will works seamlessly with your legal team on ...

Coverage Charts

Allocation to Policies (Indemnity and Defense)

  • Pro-Rata, Carter Wallace, Owens Illinois, etc.
  • Taking into account exhaustion of policies in defense allocation

Estimating Future Costs

  • Number of future claims with consideration for when product produced, how much
  • Ease of identification of product
  • Cost of future claims – separately for different types of claims (Mesothelioma, Lung cancer, Other cancer, Non-malignant)

Analyzing Litigation Risk based on:

  • Policy characteristics such as deductibles, per occurrence limits, per claim limits, claims made clauses, and asbestos exclusions
  • Tender date, are there costs that were paid prior to tender date?
  • Allocation Period
  •  Product Identification or lack thereof
  • Strictness of medical criteria
  •  Other criteria indicated by legal team

Estimating Additional Costs

  • Prejudgment interest
  •  Present value discount

Special Projects